My Car Recall™ is an award winning text message based Recall Concierge platform that provides vehicle owners with a SUPER SIMPLE way to verify if they have an active recall, where the closest dealership is and how to get their vehicle repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

No such thing as a dumb question! If it's not answered below, text SNAP to 99724 and we will be at your service.

My Car Recall™ is free to the snapper! Standard message and data rates will apply based on their mobile plan.

The snapper will receive a text with all active recalls on their vehicle, the closest dealership to get it fixed and their vehicle's value. There is also an option to sign up for future recalls on their vehicle.

Watch this quick Video on how to snap an easy to read VIN or License Plate image. The VIN located on the inside of the drivers side door, is the easiest for our system to read.

Once someone enters the platform to check current recalls, there will be a popup that appears that will prompt users to sign up to receive future recall notices.

Yes we are! TCPA compliance excludes one-time transactions such as texting a keyword to a short code to receive some piece of information (like a mobile brochure), which is delivered in a responding text message with no further messages sent, unless the snapper snaps again or ask's a question via our 1:1 chat function.

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